The Beauty of the Bookmark

ha! and you thought birthmarks were hot

It was an arts & crafts kind of weekend, blog friends.  Specifically, I spent an embarrassing amount of time making bookmarks and booklets and sizing up my stash of stationery items to see what else might go in the official BlogLily Summer Reading Program mailers.  I also made one thrilling trip to Elmwood Stationers, our neighborhood independent stationery store that I, alone, keep robustly profitable.  On that trip, I acquired clear plastic gift bags in which to stick the BLSRP mailers.  These classy items were a revelation to me.  I had no idea that a private individual could acquire stuff like this, thinking as I did that they were specially made for far fancier operations.  Apparently not.  Total cost of classy stationery items:  2.99.  Everything else:  free.  (Well, except for the Martha Stewart folding contraption, which is actually very cool and I am certain will not gather dust, being useful as well as cool.)

If you have given me your address, your mailer should arrive soon.  If you have not, please send it to me at  For you latecomers, your version of the BLSRP mailer will reflect the many ways in which my arts & crafts skills improved throughout the weekend.  For example, I learned that the proper amount of glue is a lot less than I thought it was.  Actually, the votes are still out on that.  If you get a bookmark that starts to fall apart, don’t tell me, okay?  Just glue it back together.

Tomorrow, I have a guest poster who’s got some ideas about good summer reads.

xo BL

7 thoughts on “The Beauty of the Bookmark

  1. This post did give me a chuckle. I, too, am a supporter of small industries. I tell Mister Litlove that I am keeping the UK publishing world alive, personally. He’s not as impressed by that as I feel he should be…. Still wildly over-excited about this project. It’s much better than Christmas.

  2. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for the Bloglily Fall Reading Program. The bookmarks V 2.0 are bound to be twice as awesome, right?

  3. I would so love to raid you neighborhood stationery store right now. I will be eagerly pestering my mail carrier every day in anticipation of the package’s arrival 🙂

  4. Wow, I didn’t know such things as the Martha Stewart contraption existed! Have fun with the reading programme. I’m tempted to join, but I probably wouldn’t keep up! I have a bad habit of starting things and not finishing them, I’m afraid.

  5. lilian — I know amazing, isn’t it!! I too have that habit, and I recently bought a postcard that said “DO IT NOW” in bright red letters. It is my current bookmark.

    Stefanie – I am afraid that I did not seal the back of the envelopes very well and have been a tiny bit worried that maybe the contents of that packet I sent are being enjoyed by the postal service rather than my readerly friends. I hope this is not the case and that it arrives with dispatch.

    Sonje — 2.0 will amaze and delight. I did lose the bone folder part of the martha stewart contraption, but I think I can find a replacement by fall.

    litlove — I am a believer in the cottage industry. I do, however, have some limits to my industriousness, and I have not yet mailed off your packet. All the more exciting when it arrives, right?? xo

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