The Spirits of the Air

If Blake is to be believed, the spirts of the air “live in the smells of fruit.”  I kid you not.  And even better, this all happens in autumn.  Investigating this fruit-related issue, I have discovered that he is indeed correct.  At least in Berkeley, California, where the nectarine and the peach are the first thing you see when you walk into a produce market.  Even in Safeway.  Also, the tomato.

I have been disconnected from the internet for all of August, which is a good thing, because the break allowed me to gather myself together.  Actually, first I fell apart under the onslaught of teenagers (the relevant statistics there are 2 and 16.  Two of them.  And they are 16.)  They don’t live in Autumn, as I do.  They’re all about heedless summer.  That’s good, unless you’re the mother.  And then you have to increase the meds and do a lot of yoga.  Which is precisely what I have been doing all of August, to be absolutely frank.

And I would like to say that those of you who so nobly embarked on the BlogLily Summer Reading Program are heroes in my eyes, because your summers were, well, obviously somewhat heedful.  And those of you whose packets have been delayed by adolescent angst?  Would you email me please and I will send you the BlogLily Fruit Smelling Fall Reading Packet? (Also, I would just like to get some e-mails about something book-related.)  There is no  reason in the world that you should be denied this pleasure.  Fall is, after all, the time of the book report, is it not?


16 thoughts on “The Spirits of the Air

  1. I’ve been doing the same, pretty much. Spending most of August off the ‘net and doing other things. Congratulations on post No. 401. You are a gift. xo, mari

  2. I love the Blake quote! Choosing fruit in the supermarket will be poetic now, and forever after.

    Fall is for back-to-school, hooray. And you should indulge yourself in some jam-making, BL. Then you can REALLY smell that fruit.

  3. Love the quote. Love Ben’s comments. Thanks and love to Joem18b for the link to Joh Wobble’s Inspiration of William Blake. And Patti Smith’s “In My Blakean Year” has been running through my brain this evening.

    I’ve read a lot in the last month. Blogged about it for your summer reading? Nah!

  4. I have barely survived one teenager, so I can’t imagine the trauma of having to manage two! I think you should do other things than make me reading materials – lying out in the garden on an elegant lounger with tea to hand and a good book or magazine sort of things, for instance. To recover. But I’ll send you a bookish email any time you like. 😉

  5. It has been 13 years since I’ve had a teenager in the house, but I do recall how they seem to suck the very marrow out of everyone’s life. As a mother, sometimes it is all one can do to stay standing under the onslaught.

    May autumn bring you not only sweet smells, but peace and quiet as well.

  6. You know, a study I heard of indicated that the smell of green apples could alleviate the pain of migraines and shorten their duration. That’s pretty powerful mojo if you ask me.

  7. This is my favourite time of the year, in many ways. And not just because the (endless!) school holidays are ending but because sunlight in September has a golden quality wholly absent to the scorching days of August. Well, scorching and a bit soggy in places.

    My 3yo is doing a pretty good impersonation of a teenager at the moment. And I’ve got a serious reading programme going too! How’s yours been?

  8. Lily, is that you? Your blog is fantastic and I’m thrilled you’re writing. I remember it was always something you wanted to do more of. I’d love to catch up. Let me know the best way to reach you. Planning a visit to the Bay Area this weekend and I’d love to see you guys.

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