I Pray This Letter is Sent in Haste

they went other places too — but this is where they sold the postcards

Dearest Mother, Father, and Brother, I pray this letter is sent in haste [by the efficient Spanish National Postal Service] as I may return in a forthnight prior to its arrival. For this reason I will make this concise. All is well for me, and I hope all is well with you. Saluations,

There were other postcards, including one that said, “tour is awesome,” but this was my favorite.  Clearly, this child was trying to get back to the time when he thinks the very last letters were sent.


5 thoughts on “I Pray This Letter is Sent in Haste

  1. Wonderful! I think I am going to start using the word “fortnight” all the time now. As in, “We will leave for the Cape in a fortnight, and that means that I have a fortnight to complete the first draft of my novel.” This sounds so much more civilized than anything I’ve been able to express in my current, hair-pulling-out stage.

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