img_0914Welcome!  I’ve migrated over to a blog that’s more writing-related. Feel free to check it out here.  It was a really wonderful time, writing this blog for about ten years, and I hope there continue to be things here that amuse you or are of interest.

If you’d like to know something about me — in addition to being a writer, I’m also a lawyer in San Francisco.  I have three sons and a dog who looks like a sheep.  His name’s Archie.  My first novel, The Secret War, is a spy story set during the 1960s, and was a finalist for the James Jones First Novel Award.  A story inspired by my second novel, Queen of Mercy, “Corpus Delicti,” was a finalist for the Dana Award for Short Fiction and an excerpt from Queen of Mercy was a finalist for the Tucson Festival of Books Literary Awards. I’ve been lucky enough to have been awarded residencies at The Atlantic Center for the Arts, the Kimmel, Harding, Nelson Center for the ArtsRagdale, the Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts.and the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts. I have a BA in English from Yale, an MA in English from UC Berkeley and a JD from the law school at UC Berkeley

I’ve also written a couple of short stories, a form I really like a lot as a reader, although as a writer I haven’t written many.  One of them appeared in the fall/winter 2009 edition of Southern Humanities Review. It’s about a visit to a strip club.  If that kind of thing floats your boat, you can find it on my writing-related blog.  SHR doesn’t have it online or I’d direct you there.  In addition, while I was working on placing a piece of short fiction, I chronicled the entire process, which is sometimes demoralizing and sometimes heartening.  You can find it here and here on this blog.  I hope it gives other writers hope that if they persist, they will find a home for their work, as I did.

If you want to be in touch with me, you can email me at lilyhamrick@gmail.com. I’d be happy to hear from you.

I’m on the web at these places as well:



And feel free to friend me on Facebook if we aren’t already friends!

31 thoughts on “About

  1. Woot! BlogLily’s #1 fan!

    It’s as though someone is accompanying me on my Claremont hikes, taking notes on what my companion is saying. Oh, that’s right..my hiking companion IS BlogLily!

  2. It’s more difficult for me to read a very good english like here. English is not my mother langage…. 😉

    but is really a pleasure to read you.

    My friend Flickr Harold Davis live at Bekerley too… he is a very good,very good photographer…

    thanks again for your kind visit in my blog.

    Have a very good day.

  3. Hi Turquoise Bleue — Thanks for visiting! I’m coming to think that photography is one of those universal languages. Your pictures speak volumes. Best, BL

  4. Good afternoon – I was reading your blog this morning and decided to steal the poem by Wallace Stevens for one of my own blogs – Tea Reads –
    http://teareads.blogspot.com – That blog has been stagnant for awhile, and you gave me the idea of posting poems and short comments about them.
    My main blog is Tea Leaves – http://teabird17.blogspot.com – it’s a mix of opinions, tea, knitting, and whatever. I’m one of the three moderators of Knit the Classics – http://knittheclassics.blogspot.com – a group that reads classic fiction, discusses it, and knits projects inspired by the books.

    (Olberbermann is inspiring me, too – )

    Your blog is just wonderful. I hope you don’t mind that I linked back to it on both of my blogs – I want my friends to read you, too.

    melanie (librarian, tea-drinker, journal- and letter-writer, knitter, child of the sixties …)

  5. Hello Melanie — Wow. I love Tea Leaves and I think Knit the Classics is fabulous. I’m so impressed. I tried to leave a comment on your site, but find I can’t get through the blogspot system to do that. But I’m thrilled you visited and look forward to reading what you’re up to. Best, BL

  6. Hello Lily- I’m very new to wordpress and found you listed on another blog under “reading blogs.” (I wish I had noted my navigation path.) I’m smiling at this warm welcome penned with a dash of humor. I’m also known for my affinity for stationery items, particularly pens in just the right color that also impart the kinesthetic feel I need for the words I write to flow effortlessly across the page. That was said with tongue in cheek.

    Ironically, one of my pseudonyms for an internet word game used the name Lily. To survive cancer is life-changing, to say the least. I admire you for sharing yourself in that capacity as well. I already feel at home here and look forward to discovering your site.

  7. Welcome GEL — I’m so glad you’ve made your way over here! There are a lot of really terrific readers and writers who stop by here from time to time — I’m glad to know you’re here too. Best, BL

  8. Came across your blogs; added The Tiffin Tin and this one to my b-roll. Stop by and say & say hi (http://writeitabbyf.wordpress.com) anytime. We have a bit in common: you work in S.F., I love S.F.; you’re a lawyer, I’m a paralegal (well, i got the certificate for it); I’m a journalist (and a blog writer) and we both love to read. I’m in grad library school & hope to become a Young Adult Specialist. That means I focus on YA novels. Can’t get enough of them. Try a couple. These are my favorites of the moment:

    “Elsewhere” by Gabrielle Zevin – Liz dies and finds herself on route to Elsewhere. There she meets others and lives her life backwards. Makes a new life for herself..friends, romance, family. Great stuff.

    “The Giver” by Lois Lawry – Utopian society. 12-year-old Jonas is picked to become “The Giver”. The Giver (mentally) holds all of the society’s history, memory, and secrets. Jonas starts training with the current “Giver” and learns some remarkable and enlightening things.

  9. I really have fallen in love with your blog. I think its wonderful. I found it via the best blog site.
    The thoughts that you convey in each post are so simple yet meaningful.

  10. Hi, I like your style. I wandered here from David Marshall’s blog. How do you find the time to write prize-winning books, practice law, raise three kids, and write all these blogs? I feel inadequate, sigh.

  11. I just happened across your 13 ways thing …. well said. But having said that, I have just had a mild dig at that very same poem on my own dear blog, mostlybirdingwithray. It’s a look at the poem from someone ( me) who is engaged in looking at birds… a birdwatcher.
    As you say, there are many 13 ways… things… A really good book is Thirteen ways of looking at Tony Conran. Recommended. Tony Conran is a true polymath.
    Best wishes from Ray… lovely blog.

    1. You’re welcome. I also just realized that people have been commenting on this section and I have never answered them, which is very bad manners. Of course, two years later, will the answers mean anything? Maybe not. But I have sent a story to your proper e-mail. I hope you enjoy it.

  12. Hi Kristan and welcome! I’m looking forward to seeing you on your blog and on Writer Unboxed — I like that site. There’s always something that makes me think about what I’m doing. (As for the James Joyce Fellowship, I was incredibly surprised by that, and it gave me such a nice shot in the arm too.)

  13. “I’ve written a grand total of six short stories in my adult life, and one of them appeared in the fall/winter 2009 edition of Southern Humanities Review. I really like short fiction. If you want some of mine, I have five more you can have, just by asking.”

    I’m asking! How can I get my hands on it?

  14. You mean I can get my hands on a zero’th edition Hamrick just by asking? Clearly I’m slow on the uptake but I’d be a total fool not to take this opportunity. So, can I have one? Please?

  15. Wow! I am thrilled by these requests, thrilled. In fact, I happen to have a lot of copies. Do I have your address, Lokesh? Linda and Cam, I know I have yours (and Linda, yours will include summer reading swag.) Lokesh, you might as well get the swag while you’re at it. I am trying to revise, which is why the mailing is slow, but I know that no one is holding his or her breath! xoxo

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